The Tri State area is full of fun and exciting things both indoors and out year-round. The temperate winter climate and unique geographic attributes provide endless opportunities for adventure.

The area boasts numerous golf courses which attract golfers of every skill level. From two-hole “fun” courses to championship level courses, there’s something for everyone.

The Colorado River, to which this valley owes its very existence, is also the source of much of the area’s aquatic recreation. Those who enjoy the wind in their hair crave the experience of power boating or Sea Doo-ing on the blue-green waters. However those seeking a quiet, relaxing experience enjoy canoeing, kyaking, fishing or birdwatching, among other activities.

Just upstream from Bullhead City on the river lies Lake Mohave and further up, Lake Mead for those seeking wide-open waterways.

The nearby ghost town of Oatman, Arizona brings tourists and locals by the droves up Old Route 66 to see an “Old West Shootout” at high-noon and wild donkeys roaming the streets begging for carrot handouts, in addition to the many novelty shops.

Just across the Colorado River lies the gaming town of Laughlin, Nevada providing both exciting dining opportunities, live entertainment, hotel accomodations and gambling 24/7.

A one hour drive takes adventurers to the scenic Hualapai mountains and Hualapai State Park just southeast of Kingman, Arizona off Hualapai Mountain Road. This pine forrested area offers extensive hiking, backpacking, camping and off-roading possibilities.

Also a sight to see is Spirit Mountain, the peak just west of Laughlin, Nevada. Among natural wonders such as a beautiful stream flowing straight out of the massive granite boulders, grapevines growing wild and wildlife of all varieties, the rocks are adorned with numberous Native American petroglyphs and even some ruins in the area.

Many locals, as well as visitors to the area, enjoy going off the beaten path, literally, off-roading and camping or prospecting in the region’s many backcountry areas. There are several off-road clubs and prospecting associations in the area worth getting to know.

Regardless of your activity, have fun out there!